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Newbury Park Lacrosse, or NPLAX, is dedicated to elevating the game lacrosse up to the level of more popular sports like football, baseball and basketball. Our goal is to educate and develop boys and girls, whether they are new to the sport or have some experience, in the game. NPLAX is a member of the SCLA, Southern California Lacrosse Association.

Our teams are staffed and coached by ex-players, current players and parents. Some of our coaches are college players who play lacrosse for Cal State Channel Islands. Some parents have played high school and college lacrosse in various states around the country.  We require them to pass the level one certification of the US Lacrosse Coaches Training and have a green light on the NCS or Safe Haven certifications. We also have a core of select NPHS current and former players assistant coaches to help. Many of these players have been playing year round club lacrosse for 5 years or more and came up through NP Lax. These are kids who will play lacrosse in college. They are a great asset to our program and  some will be playing with your child in the years to come.

This is a recreational program and Newbury Park Lacrosse is a pure non-profit organization with one goal in mind…creating a great experience for the boys and girls that join our program. While we are competitive, we do not promote a “win at all cost” philosophy. We want to make sure that everyone enjoys themselves and increases their skill level in doing so.

NPLAX strives to reach out to not only Newbury Park, but also to our local communities like Camarillo, Oxnard and Ventura, to and increase the visibility of lacrosse as a sport.


NPLAX runs mostly on volunteer effort. Nothing is better than knowing your efforts are DIRECTLY helping your child and other kids in the program. Want to feel like you’re making a difference? Let us know! We always need help. Board of Directors descriptions can be found here. From time to time, we have positions open and a general announcement will be made to let folks know we have an opening.

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